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   Increase your curb appeal.
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        Soft Wash
Your home or roof today!
Why Choose Bayfront Soft Wash
  • Registered and Insured (1 million coverage)

  • Locally owned and operated

  • Friendly professional service

  • Owner on job site 

  • Plants 100% protected

  • Satisfaction guaranteed 

  Soft-Pressure Washing Kent Island Maryland.

Bayfront Soft Wash is a full-time, family owned, registered & insured power washing company located in West River Md. built on a foundation of personal service, quality work, professional results & great rates, but more importantly customer satisfaction. Have you been looking for a trustworthy, reliable roof and exterior soft- power washing service to take care of your property’s exterior cleaning needs on Kent island, Maryland or anywhere in between? Well look no further, we are here to help!

                      The Gentle Way

            To Pressure Wash Your Home              


In the past, pressure washing and power washing have been the most preferred method of cleaning by maintenance contractors. However, these methods have not always proven to be in the best interest of the customer. They can and will cause damage to soft surfaces such as wood, paint, vinyl and shingles. That is why we offer our soft washing method. Its effectiveness comes from a custom cleaning solution that we mix on site, specific to the needs of the surface to be cleaned, and the “low pressure” rinse to follow. The cleaning solutions are comprised of mildew-cides, algae-sides, soaps, and surfactants.

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