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Bayfront Soft Wash is based in West River Maryland. We service Annapolis as well as surrounding areas. We offer Roof cleaning, house washing and gutter whitening.

What is the difference between pressure washing and soft washing?

Pressure washers are great tools when used properly, but because they are an abrasive process (2500-4000 psi) used to blast dirt and algae off of the surface, they aren't always safe for all surfaces. Improperly used pressure washers can damage vinyl siding, strip paint, tear window screens, and even break the seals in insulated glass.


Soft Washing is a detergent based process similar to what you would use on the inside of your home. We use a gentle pressure, less than 100 p.s.i. to gently clean dirt and effectively kill algae and live bacteria on your home…rather than just blasting it away. Please note that you should NEVER USE A PRESSURE WASHER TO CLEAN AN ASPHALT SHINGLE ROOF! Pressure washing will remove the fiberglass granules and void your shingle warranty. 

Additionally, because the soft wash solution can be applied from a distance, we can usually apply the detergent from the ground or ladders, rather than renting expensive lifts or climbing on the roof.

What can I expect from Bayfront Soft Wash?

Property Protection – The first thing we do when arriving to your property is begin watering landscaping. (The water protects the plants from potential detergent overspray.) Sensitive plants will be covered. We will need to access your water supply and will expect to use 50-80 gallons of water on the job.

I personally will be on every job site and our company is fully registered and insured.

Professional equipment – equipment is truck mounted and includes our soft wash system, utilizing quiet 12 volt pumps.

What causes the black stains on my shingles?

The dark stains on your roof shingles are caused by a form of algae called Gloeocapsa Magmaand it is actually feeding on the materials used to manufacture your shingles, most notably the limestone fillers. Over time, the algae grows and eats away at the structure of the shingles causing them to age prematurely.


The solution is to kill the algae at the roots so that it doesn’t continue to spread. Our soft wash process is the ONLY cleaning process approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

Annapolis pressure washing with Bayfront Soft Wash. Roof cleaning in Annapolis Maryland and vinyl siding cleaning.

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